Aromatherapy Massage’s Health Benefits 

Aromatherapy Massage is one of the most popular massage therapies all over the world, which is basically a deep tissue or Swedish massage where the oils used to massage has been mixed with essential oils like geranium, peppermint, or lavender to help alleviate pain and affect your mood. Aromatherapy massage will be more effective if the therapist will utilize therapeutic and high-quality essential oils mixed to tailor your particular need. This kind of massage could be difficult to look for in commercial spas. Perhaps it would be best to hire a private practitioner who is particularly experienced and trained in terms of performing an aromatherapy massage. To know more about this massage therapy, here’s a list of some of its health benefits that you could have: 



Reduces Stress 

A lot of scents used for this type of massage, like jasmine, bergamot, and lavender, can alleviate stress. Though the health benefit it provides isn’t only applicable for those who are healthy individuals, it could also be great for individuals who suffer from physical conditions due to heightened stress levels or those with terminal conditions. It is proven by studies that aromatherapy can alleviate stress levels in individuals who suffer from chronic conditions, such as cancer. 

Great for managing pain 

One of the conditions that aromatherapy can usually treat is pain management. An essential oil, such as clary sage that is popular for its attributes to reduce pain, is specifically renowned for alleviating the pain due to menstrual cramps in women. Moreover, this therapy can help clients to feel better and that’s what matters the most. 

Good for your blood pressure 

Patients who suffer from high blood pressure or hypertension can benefit from having this kind of massage as well. This is because our blood pressures are directly associated with stress, making this therapy to be great to reduce high blood pressure. 

Fights depression 

For those who struggle with combatting their anxiety or depression, aromatherapy could be the answer to your problem. Once a bit of drop of some essential oils, such as citrus and other oils with uplifting attributes and vibrant smell, are incorporated with a soothing massage, they could work like magic to help fight depression. If you’re currently bottling up some thought within you, now is the time to release the burden and experience relaxation with aromatherapy.  

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