With a job as dreary as window cleaning, it would be better if you clean it right the first time properly. You don’t want to complete the task only to find out later that there are still visible streaks and smears over your windows as the sun illuminates them. This makes all of your hard work and time in eliminating stubborn dirt useless. To complete this tedious task well, it would take a lot of prepping before starting. As soon as you have the steps, you could make this job quickly and effectively. Here are some of the tips to remember:

Gather the right tools for the task

Buy a strip applicator with a squeegee and a long cloth head. There are a lot of kits for window cleaning that has everything you’ll be needing to complete the job. A squeegee can stop the motion that can be caused by the wiping of your glass with a cloth. Scrubbing can make a static charge on the glass and it merely moves around the dirt, which causes to get more dirt.

Wash on a cloudy day

Because streaks are due to the cleansing solution that has dried before it could be squeegeed off, it is highly recommended to wash your windows during cloudy days.

Utilize your homemade cleaning solution or use an industrial cleaner

You can either opt to make your personal cleaning solution—a couple of dish soap drops mixed into one bucket of hot water—or buy an industrial cleaner at a store near you. Remember that the method you’ll utilize is much more essential compared to the cleaning product that you will use. Hence, do not focus mainly on spending a lot to buy high-end products rather than a cheaper one. Know that both of them basically give off similar outcomes.

Clean both sides of your windows

Apply your solution using the strip applicator throughout your glass. Begin at the window’s upper left-hand portion and pull it over the windowpane in a pattern of a reversed S, except if you’re left-handed. Then start at the top right. At the final point of your S pattern, wipe the blade using a cloth that’s lint-free. Old linen or cloth diapers will do great for this task, Keep on repeating this until you remove the solution and until your windows become clearer.

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